Vision & Mission

Youth Outreach
Child and Youth Care Centre

Youth Outreach is a Not for profit Company [Reg no. 97/17214/08] as well as an
Independent Welfare Organization [005 – 766 NPO] located in Stellenbosch.
It is registered with the Department of Social Development (DSD) of the Western Cape.

The vision of Youth Outreach is to provide safety and superior care and development of vulnerable children through competent, caring adults.

The mission of Youth Outreach is:
• To provide services for vulnerable children and youth which address their well-being, security, care and educational needs, in a child friendly environment in accordance with the Children’s’ Act 2005 as amended.
• To empower youth with life skills and education to enable them to be gainfully employed and/or self-sufficient.
• To support families of vulnerable children in need, promote family reunification and contact with family and friends.

Youth Outreach is a place where vulnerable and children in need
• Experience care and love in an stable and supportive home
• Feel safe
• Can have hope and grow to develop to their full potential
• Are treated with the highest respect and dignity.
Core values
Youth Outreach adheres to the Professional and Ethical Code of Social Workers which includes:
• Respect and sensitivity for the particular needs of the child in our care.
• Acting in the best interest of the child and upholding childrens’ rights.
• Expecting the highest ethical and professional standards of our Board of Directors, staff and volunteers.
• Cooperation and networking with other institutions that provide similar or supporting services.
• Accountability to the children in our care, our donors, as well as to the broader Stellenbosch community.
• Transparent and cost-effective management of our facilities, operations and programmes.
• Good governance, and full and open financial accounting and reporting to our donors.

Facilities, programmes & staff
In order to realize this Vision, Mission, and Core Values, Youth Outreach provides facilities, services, programmes and staff that provide in the immediate needs of children in need, focusing normally, but not exclusively on the age group between 7 and 18.
Our immediate aim is not to prolong the children’s time in our care, but to place them as quickly as possible back into the community where they came from, preferably reuniting them with their families, and where this is not possible, we aim to facilitate the provision of appropriate foster care.
In a small number of cases where placements cannot be made, we provide longer term accommodation and support within a structured process of growth and development in which education and skills training can equip children for meaningful employment.
Focusing on the holistic needs of the child (physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual) in our care, Youth Outreach adheres to the provisions, norms and standards of the Children’s Act of South Africa (38 of 2005).
Youth Outreach provides two kinds of facilities:
• A Child and Youth Care Centre: Bell House 1 for 10 boys, and Bell House 2 for 10 girls
• A Drop-in Centre for at least 40 children
The two main programmes of Youth Outreach are:
• Child and Youth Care
• Drop In Services
The staff of Youth Outreach is qualified and registered
• Child and Youth Care Workers, or
• Auxilliary Child and Youth Care Workers supervised by professional Social Workers in our employment.
Board of Directors
Youth Outreach is governed by a Board of Directors, all volunteers from the community of Stellenbosch:
Johan Hattingh (Chair) Trevor Gordon, Jeanneret Momberg, Delilah Cupido, Steyn Calitz, Dalene Bosman, Sandra Cilliers, Leonard Bosch, Dawid Muller, Trish Crawley.
Contact us
Bell House

Tel: 021 886 6216


FB: @YouthOutreachStellenbosch
Physical address

Corner of Bell & Bird Street
(opposite Du Toit Station) Postal address

P.O. Box 1050
Banking details

Youth Outreach
First National Bank
Branch: 200610
Account no: 6206 53 74 375

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